What Types Of Mattresses Are Used In 5 Star Hotels

What Types Of Mattresses Are Used In 5 Star Hotels

One of the most important things that make a hotel amazing is its bed!

If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel where the bed was so luxurious you wished you could take it home, it might surprise you to know that you can replicate that bed in the comfort of your home.

What makes hotel beds so comfortable?

Their comfort is as a result of the hotels splurging on luxurious mattresses. The mattresses vary from one five-star hotel to the next, but these days you can purchase many of them from the hotels’ websites – and no, they don’t always break the bank!

If you’re keen on finding out what some of the luxury hotels mattresses are so you can replicate that five-star feeling in your bedroom, here’s the lowdown.

Let’s take a look at five hotels and their choice of mattress.

Hilton Hotel

hilton logo on hotel wall

The Hilton is so glamorous, its mattress – called The Serenity Bed – even has its own website! This mattress is meant to give sweet dreams to the hotel’s VIP guests.

So, how’s it made?

The mattress has coil support that keeps it springy and prevents it from wear and tear. It’s also got a patented quilted design that the website claims boosts circulation and decreases restlessness during sleep.

If you’ve slept on this bed and really liked it, you’ll be pleased to know you can purchase it from the Hilton To Home website.

The bed comes with a box spring and costs $1,645 to $1,995, depending on the size. You can add a metal frame to it for approximately $125.

Fairmont Hotel

lobby of fairmont hotel

This is a highly popular hotel chain in both Canada and the U.S., and it recently gave its mattress choice a makeover. There are two bed styles, according to CNN: Fairmont Bed and Fairmont Gold Bed.

  • The Fairmont Bed is made of reinforced memory foam and uses cooling technology to keep guests cool through the night. It’s also got therapeutic core support and a pillow top.
  • The Fairmont Gold bed has all the above features, while also providing an innerspring mattress and plush pillow top. Its mattress is by Stearns & Foster, a company providing high-quality mattresses.

You can buy both beds in their Fairmont online shop. The Fairmont mattresses cost between $2,600 and $3,200 but tend to come with box springs included.

Four Seasons Hotel

entrance of four seasons hotel

The Four Seasons doesn’t skimp when it comes to sweet dreams: they’ve partnered up with Simmons Bedding Company to create the hotel’s signature Four Seasons Bed.

This bed regulates temperature and has three levels of firmness. There’s also a pocketed coil motion separation. As CNN reports, this absorbs motion and boosts support.

You can purchase the mattress on the Four Seasons website, and the bonus is that you can also purchase other bed essentials from there, such as a box spring and bedding. It costs approximately $1,949.


five star ritz carlton hotel

This hotel is another fan of Stearns & Foster.

Its luxurious bed has been custom-made with the company and it has some inviting features: a plush-top, advanced cooling design to keep you cool, and reinforced foam-encased edges.

As explained on the Ritz-Carlton website, this ensures greater comfort when sitting on the bed.

You can purchase this bed from the Ritz-Carlton online shop – and you can even add a metal bed frame (for approximately $125) to your purchase.

The mattress comes with a box spring and costs between $2,295 and $3,495, depending on the size you choose.

Langham Hotel

five star langham hotel

The Langham has made it onto the U.S. News’s list of best hotels, and if you’ve stayed in this New York sanctuary you’ve probably wondered what their mattress is.

The Langham boasts a DUX 1001 model, manufactured by Duxiana.

This luxurious bed has two layers of Duxiana’s continuous coil springs as well as special support top pad, as Iconic Life reports. You can purchase the Dux 1001 from the Duxiana website.

FYI: If you’re interested in the linen that’s used on it – 300 thread-count that’s made just for the hotel –  you can purchase it directly from the hotel.

How To Turn Your Bed Into A 5-Star Bed

Mattress aside, if you want to turn your humble bed into one worthy of five-star reviews, there are some important tips to help you achieve this.

  • Choose all-white bedding. This is common in many hotels because it’s a symbol of cleanliness, but it also looks sophisticated.
  • Skip the fitted sheet. Many hotels will pass on the fitted sheet and use an oversized flat sheet that gives the bed a smoother appearance.
  • Get a down comforter. A heavy down comforter with a breathable cotton duvet is a hotel secret, as Travel and Leisure reports. Make sure your duvet is a bit longer on both sides to give you more puffiness.

Related Questions

What sheets do hotels use?

triple sheet method

Many of them use percale or sateen sheets, as HGTV reports, which give them their luxurious comfort.

If you’re trying to replicate them, always make sure you like how the sheets feel otherwise they won’t give you that five-star feeling.

What is “triple sheeting?”

This is a hotel bed trick you can copy at home. When making your bed, put a thin blanket between two starched sheets.

This makes the bed feel much crisper and more comfortable, while being easy to get right, as Real Simple points out.


Spending time at a luxurious hotel will make you wish you could get such good sleep every night, and now you can.

In this article, we’ve outlined some of the most popular hotels’ choices in luxury mattresses as well as featured tips on how to make your bed seem straight out of a five-star hotel.