How To Ship A Mattress A Quick Guide

How To Ship A Mattress: A Quick Guide

Some things in life are easy to send through the mail, like a t-shirt or a letter, but the beloved king-sized mattress from your bedroom isn’t one of them.

Even though it’s not the simplest thing to send, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible and considering some people have spent thousands of dollars on their bedding setup it’s something that you’ll likely have to do once in your life.

Is it possible to ship a mattress?

The answer is yes, you can ship a mattress, and there are a few choices of transportation that will get your mattress to its new address locally, interstate or overseas.

Mattresses are shipped by road mostly and taken on a truck and there are various methods you can use to reduce the cost.

The most important thing to consider is whether it’s worth it to ship your mattress which can be determined by looking at all of the factors like cost, insurance, location, and packaging.

This guide can walk you through every step to determine whether it’s a cost worth paying, or if you should simply sell your old bed and purchase something new when you arrive at your destination.

Can You Ship a Mattress?

Can You Ship A Mattress?

The good news is, a mattress can be shipped, and it can go locally, interstate, and even overseas.

Although a mattress is bulky and even more so if you add the bedding and frame with it, it usually works out cheaper to ship your mattress to your home rather than having to purchase a brand new one.

One thing to consider if you plan on shipping your mattress overseas is that some countries have restrictions about certain materials that may be used to make it.

New Zealand and Australia, for example, won’t allow you to send a mattress or bed frame that has certain wood products in them as they can carry woodworm or other insects that harm their indigenous species.

If this is the case, you may be able to have your bed checked and certified by a pest company or similar type of service to confirm that it doesn’t contain any live organisms.

However, something like this would cost extra on top of shipping and packaging, so the overall price will be higher than usual and may end up costing more than the bed itself.

Is It Worth it to Ship a Mattress?

Is It Worth It To Ship A Mattress?

Before you even start looking at quotes from removalists or weighing up your options for freight companies, you need to determine whether it’s worth it to ship your mattress.

What you need to figure out is whether the cost of all of this work shipping is going to be less than selling it off and purchasing a new one when you move to wherever you’re going.

If you’ve spent a lot of money on a mattress or have a specially made one to suit your physical requirements, it’s going to be worth it to pay the shipping costs.

Usually, shipping a mattress locally or interstate doesn’t cost as much as people think, however, an overseas shipment may be expensive enough to weigh up the costs.

Have a look online at various mattress manufacturers and retail stores to see what it might cost to purchase a new mattress with shipping.

If it’s time to upgrade your mattress anyway, this will be a smarter option, and you may even be able to keep the bed frame and have that shipped for a much cheaper cost.

The Different Ways to Ship a Mattress

The Different Ways To Ship A Mattress

There are a few different methods for shipping a mattress and each will have to be weighed up to determine which is best.

Some offer faster shipping times but for a higher price whereas others are more about giving you the most budget-friendly option, so be prepared to wait a few weeks for delivery if this is your main concern.

Air or sea freight

This option is reserved for overseas shipping and will depend on how much you’re willing to pay.

Airfreight to another country will cost significantly more than moving your mattress to another state, so you should compare costs to see if your mattress is worth it.

Usually, a crate is used to store the mattress so you can reduce costs by sending more of your items together.


It is possible to send your mattress with the UPS and some companies can help you organize the shipping with boxes and quotes.

This is usually not the most cost effective approach but can be done if there are no freight companies in your area.


Some removal companies have smaller vans that are the ideal size for moving a mattress.

You can usually hire the entire van and pack it with as much stuff as possible, with some having the option to drive the van yourself to save more money.

This would only work for local shipping of a mattress that doesn’t have far to travel.


A removalist truck is the most common method for shipping a mattress.

You can ship a mattress as part of your other household belongings, or if you want to send the mattress alone, you can rent a portion of the space of the truck.

It’s usually the most affordable option and one that doesn’t take too long for delivery.

Average Costs Involved With Shipping Mattresses

Average Costs Involved With Shipping Mattresses

These days, it’s a customer’s market when it comes to shipping large items like mattresses.

Many sites allow you to post a listing with the description of what you need to be shipped and then various shipping companies contact you with their best quote to get the job done.

Otherwise, you can go the traditional route and find a freight company that has good reviews and book them this way.

Quotes will differ depending on how far it has to travel when you need it to arrive, the dimensions of the mattress, as well as any other bedding or frames you want to take with it.

Generally, you are looking to spend around $0.70 per mile for interstate travel of longer distances and around $2.50 for shorter trips.

The Steps for Preparing Your Mattress for Shipping

The Steps For Preparing Your Mattress For Shipping

The most important part of shipping a mattress is making sure it’s packaged correctly. Follow these three steps to prepare your mattress for shipping and ensure it arrives in the best possible condition.


To get an accurate quote for shipping, you need to measure the mattress correctly.

In addition to the mattress, make note of the dimensions and weight of anything else you’ll be sending with it like a box spring or frame.


Take your time to pull the bed apart by removing the sheets, pillows, comforter and any other bedding and pack these separately.

Disassemble the bed frame and keep all of the smaller pieces of hardware together in a sealable bag.


Wrap your mattress and base or box spring together with two layers of foam or bubble wrap. Consider purchasing a mattress case made of fabric for additional protection.

Put the mattress and packed frame together and then inside a box with more packing foam to take up the extra space.

An Easy Way to Send Your Mattress

An Easy Way To Send Your Mattress

People often assume that shipping a mattress takes too much effort and is too expensive, but thanks to the many options available to consumers today it’s a lot easier than you’d think.

Whether you need to ship it to another state or overseas, there are lots of options available and many ways you can save on overall costs.

When you have a mattress you truly love and don’t want to part with, it’s worth having it shipped and keeping it with you rather than having to invest in one and start all over again.

As one piece of furniture we spend most of our time using and the thing that brings us the most comfort, it makes sent to take it with you.

Related Questions

Shipping a mattress might seem easy enough but it’s a large piece of furniture that can leave people feeling uncertain.

If you plan on shipping your mattress we’ve answered some commonly asked questions that you might have about the process.

Can You Shrink a Mattress?

While there are ways to vacuum seal some items to shrink their size, a spring mattress is not an ideal candidate. This can damage the springs and won’t reduce the size as much as you think.

When preparing to ship a mattress, wrapping it in plastic and protecting it with a fabric cover is the best method.

Can You Fed-Ex a Mattress?

FedEx ships items weighing more than 150lbs and you have the option to send them for same-day delivery in some cases.

However, the costs of urgent delivery for something as bulky as a mattress may be more than the cost of the mattress itself.