Anita Reynolds

I’m Anita Reynolds, and it’s time for you to get a better night’s sleep.

There’s countless sleep studies done every single year, and it’s bringing us closer to understanding ways to fine-tune our sleeping to get the best rest of our lives.

That stuff fascinates me, but what’s even more fascinating is that most people don’t realize just how important their sleep is, and that they’re not getting enough.

Their comfort, peace of mind and general atmosphere need to work in tandem.

I was overworking myself (who isn’t, right?) to the point of exhaustion. Bags under my eyes and a third cup of coffee in hand as the sun rose, and I stumbled upon some old sleep studies one morning.

Then I found another. Now it’s been ten years, and I’ve been helping people get a better night’s sleep ever since.

It all boils down to the mattress: your altar of sleep. There’s a lot of bad mattresses out there, and a lot of people who fall prey to deceptive marketing tactics.

I’m here to help you navigate your way to a better night’s sleep with helpful guides on keeping that mattress cool throughout the night, determine the right softness vs. firmness that you need, and everything in between.

Flash forward to right now, and I’ve never gotten better sleep in my life. After applying everything I’ve learned and becoming a self-proclaimed expert on the topic of sleep, I lost the bags under my eyes and helped myself even when I was being overworked.

You don’t always have control over how many hours you need to work to survive, and you can’t plan ahead for when your kids are up all night sick, but you can make sure that every minute of sleep you get is deep and fulfilling.

Everyone could do with more sleep to increase and improve cognitive function, reduce the symptoms of physical stress on the body, and just be in an overall better mood and mindset.

What are you going to do about your sleep?